YouTube Influencer profile and analytics

What’s on the YouTube influencer’s page? See what data and types of information BuzzGuru gives you.

The header

Here you can see the basic information on the YouTuber’s account:

  • similar channels;
  • the channel’s banner and avatar;
  • the name, the country, the main spoken language, the main topic;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • the average number of views on the YouTuber’s videos;
  • the average number of likes on the YouTuber’s videos;
  • the cost of the influencer’s services as estimated by the BuzzGuru platform;
  • the average engagement rate of the influencer.

There’s also a link to YouTube (you have to simply click the YouTube button on the right) and the list of lists that feature the influencer if there are some. 

The Download button on the right allows to download or print the whole page.

The console on the left shows the available sections. Click the one you need to get to it at once.

The Quality section

It shows the metrics that help evaluate and analyze the YouTube channel’s quality:

  • quality as estimated by BuzzGuru;
  • engagement rate;
  • likes to dislikes ratio;
  • comments to views ratio;
  • views to subscribers ratio.

The Rating section

Shows how well the influencer performs on TOP lists:

  • the world TOP;
  • their country’s TOP;
  • their main category TOP.

The Cost section

Here BuzzGuru shows the estimated price for the influencer’s services. The minimum, the maximum, the average price. Also, you can see the ER and channel quality metrics here, as well as the average CPM by the influencer’s region.

The Audience section

That’s where the numbers of views and subscribers are shown. BuzzGuru also forecasts how many views the YouTuber will get in 30 days.

The chart shows how the number of views grew during the chosen period of time.

You can also choose to see the views’ dynamics by day.

Click Show details to see the exact numbers.

The Analytics section

Content analytics shows the metrics that help you evaluate the influencer. The AI has already analyzed the data for you:

  • engagement rate;
  • likes/dislikes ratio;
  • number of comments;
  • views/subscribers ratio.

The Video section

Here you can find and analyze the latest and most viewed videos on the influencer’s channel. BuzzGuru shows how they performed in terms of the number of views and likes. All the videos are also available – click the View all videos button.

There’s additional information here: BuzzGuru shows whether the influencer mentioned any application in the video as an advertisement.

Moving further, you see the video release schedule of the influencer. It helps learn whether the influencer has a strict schedule and how often they post videos. On the right, BuzzGuru shows the analysis of the video output frequency.

Then, you can see the influencer’s video categories and TOP-10 tags from YouTube. To unroll all the categories, click the See all categories button. To unroll all the tags, click the See all tags button.

The Brands section

Here BuzzGuru shows the applications and sites that were mentioned by the influencer for advertising.

The Games section

Here BuzzGuru shows the games that were mentioned by the influencer for advertising.

Moving on! Here is the chart that shows which games were the most viewed on the influencer’s channel. You can choose to see the data in a specific time period.

The Channels section

Here BuzzGuru recommends the channels that can be similar to the one you are seeing and of use for you.