Website discovery and analytics on YouTube

At BuzzGuru, you can get access to a large amount of analytical data. Below, on the example of the website, we will consider what analytical data about this website mentions on YouTube you can get on our platform.

Website Mentions On YouTube

On the main page, select the “Sites” tab. Browse the websites provided in our list or search for the necessary one applying filters. Check that the platform selected is YouTube:


We’ve selected, the top popular website, as an example. When clicking on the site's name in the list, you will get a complete profile with all the general characteristics on top of the page, including the total number of influencers, total mentions, ad mentions, total views, and approximate advertising budget:


You may wish to have all the data regarding this website always close at hand in a pdf file. To get it, push the upload button on the upper right part of the page:


Below you will find short reports, including the number of influencers dealing with this website, the overall number of mentions on YouTube, and the number of views. You can observe the mention dynamics on YouTube within 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months:

Additionally, you can specify the period to observe the dynamics of mentions by views and videos. For that, click on the calendar button and determine the period:

You can also upload the mention dynamics chart as a separate png file. For that, click the upload button above the chart:


The following block contains the information about the distribution of publications by the country for the period you have specified above. 

Beside, we also provide a chart demonstrating the budget allocation between YouTube and Twitch for all time:


Next, we provide the mention calendar. On hovering over a particular day, you will see the number of videos mentioning the website on YouTube:

Right near, we’ve placed a chart displaying the distribution of mentions by the day of the week:

Remember, you can upload each of the charts as a separate png-file by clicking the upload button.


The following block depicts the blogger’s portrait. It consists of a chart demonstrating the distribution of influencers who mentioned a product by channel category for the period you have selected above. 

Moreover, we’ve included the statistics demonstrating average views, subscribers, engagement rate percentage, and price per influencer:


Further, we’ve collected the examples of publications mentioning the website:

You can sort the YouTube publications by the number of influencer’s subscribers, the number of views, the date of the last video, broadcast language, the price, or the number of videos in which a particular influencer mentioned the website.

For your convenience, you can unite the necessary influencers in a separate list. For that, tick the influencer and push the “Add to list” button:

Next, it will be necessary to give your list a name, provide a description (optional), select a list colour and save it:


The next section is the list of videos mentioning the website on YouTube. You can select from the latest uploaded videos or the most popular ones. Under the videos, you will see the number of views and likes. If you click on the video, you will be redirected to the “Video” section of our platform, having an opportunity to watch the video and observe the analytics immediately:


Finally, you can observe all the domains that were recognized together with the specified website: 


For a better analysis of all the influencers mentioning the website on YouTube, you can apply the filters. For that, click on the “Influencers” tab on top of the site’s page:

Next, search for a particular influencer typing the name in the search bar or applying filters. You can search for the influencers according to:

  • The number of video views,
  • The number of subscribers;
  • Publication date;
  • Price for a video;
  • Influencer’s country;
  • Broadcast language.