Which TikTok metrics BuzzGuru show and how they’re calculated?

When looking at a YouTube influencer’s profile, you see all the metrics that matter to advertisers when they plan an advertising campaign and choose relevant influencers. What are they?

The header

Here is the basic information:

  • the number of subscribers on the TikTok account;
  • average views per post as counted by BuzzGuru;
  • the average number of likes per post;
  • the average number of comments per post;
  • engagement rate.

The account quality

BuzzGuru estimates the TikTok account quality with an indicator from 1 to 100. This metric shows the overall quality, counting the influencer’s activity, the activity of their audience, and the engagement rate on the account.

The BuzzGuru AI calculates the average engagement rate based on the data taken from the account, the posts.

The average views to subscribers ratio is also calculated based on the data taken from the account, the posts.

The average comments to likes ratio is counted as for the number of comments to 1,000 likes.

The average shares to likes ratio is counted as for the number of shares to 1,000 likes

The cost

BuzzGuru shows the maximum, the minimum, and the average price that the influencer may set for their services. The AI estimates the cost based on the region’s CPM (cost per thousand views) and also shows the CPM for advertisers to consider.

The audience

BuzzGuru shows the TikTok creator’s audience demographic metrics.

The audience geography chart shows the countries of residence of the influencer’s viewers. To unroll the list, click the View all counties button.

The audience language chart shows the languages that the influencer’s viewers use. To unroll the list, click the View all languages button.

The next charts show how the audience of the TikTok influencer is segmented by gender and type. The gender thing is simple, so let’s look closer at the type chart.

The AI estimates each account when collecting the data. The types of TikTok accounts are:

  • Usual User;
  • Mass Follower;
  • Influencer;
  • Suspicious;
  • Top Influencer;
  • Generator.

The chart shows the audience types in presents which helps you analyze it: whether such an audience is relevant to you, reliable, or not.

The analytics

The BuzzGuru AI analyzes the metrics that usually are vital for planning and running advertising campaigns on TikTok, compares them to the average metrics of the similar TikTok accounts, and shows you the results in the form of simple and easy to evaluate at once charts:

  • audience engagement shows the median engagement for the last 3 months;
  • number of views shows the median views count for the last 3 months;
  • number of comments shows the median comments to 1,000 likes ratio for the last 3 months;
  • number of shares shows the median shares count for the last 3 months.

Then, you can see the account growth chart that shows the overall views and subscribers number on the TikTok account. The chart also shows how’s it all going in dynamics. You can choose a time period to see the dynamics.

The activity chart shows what the TikTok creator’s audience has been doing on the creator’s account, in dynamics. You can analyze how the average number of likes, comments, and shares have been changing for the chosen period of time. Also, there’s information on the engagement rate.

The publication schedule shows how productive the influencer has been for the last 2 months. You can see if they have a strict post release schedule or not.

The Frequency of publications chart shows the post release statistics: you can see whether the number of published posts for the last 2 months was high, how many posts per week the influencer publishes on average, and which day of the week is the most popular for them.

The hashtags and the challenges

BuzzGuru ranks the most frequent hashtags used by the TikTok influencer. To see all of them, click the See all tags button.

Challenges on TikTok get their own special hashtags, so BuzzGuru ranks the challenges separately for you to see which of them are interesting to the influencer.