TikTok Influencer profile and analytics

What’s on the TikTok influencer’s page? See what data and types of information BuzzGuru gives you.

The header

Here you can see the basic information on the TikTok creator’s account:

  • similar channels including accounts on other social media platforms;
  • the creator’s avatar;
  • the name, the country, the main spoken language, and again – links to the accounts on other social media;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • the average number of views on the TikTok creator’s posts;
  • the average number of likes on the TikTok creator’s posts;
  • the average number of comments on the TikTok creator’s posts;
  • the average engagement rate of the influencer.

There’s also the description that the creator chose to put on their account.

The console on the left shows the available sections. Click the one you need to get to it at once.

The Quality section

It shows the metrics that help evaluate and analyze the TikTok account’s quality:

  • quality as estimated by BuzzGuru;
  • engagement rate;
  • views to subscribers;
  • comments to likes ratio;
  • shares to likes ratio.

The Cost section

Here BuzzGuru shows the estimated price for the influencer’s services. The minimum, the maximum, the average price. Also, you can see the average views count and the average publications count here, as well as the average CPM by the influencer’s region.

The Audience section

Here you can see the data on the creator’s audience demographics. BuzzGuru shows where the influencer’s followers live and what languages they speak.

Then there’s information on the subscribers’ genders and their account types.

The Analytics section

The analytics section shows the metrics that help you evaluate the influencer. The AI has already analyzed the data for you:

  • audience engagement;
  • median number of views;
  • comments to likes ratio;
  • median number of shares.

The next chart shows how the number of subscribers and views grew during the chosen period of time.

The activity chart shows the dynamics of likes, comments, and shares for the chosen period of time.

Moving further, you see the post release schedule of the influencer. It helps learn whether the influencer has a strict schedule and how often they post videos. On the right, BuzzGuru shows the analysis of the frequency of publications.

The Rating section

Shows how well the influencer performs on TOP lists:

  • the world TOP;
  • their country’s TOP;
  • their spoken language TOP.

The Posts section

Here BuzzGuru shows you the examples of the TikTok creator’s publications. You can also see how they perform by the number of views, likes, comments, and shares.

You see the latest videos by default, but you can also choose to see the most viewed, likes, commented, and shared posts of the influencer.

The Hashtags section

Learn what the most frequent hashtags used by the influencer are and what TikTok challenges they were participating in.

The Mention section

It shows what influencers your chosen creator mentioned in their posts. This information may help you find other TikTok influencers relevant to your ad campaign.