Streamer profile and analytics

What’s on the Twitch streamer’s page? See what data and types of information BuzzGuru gives you.

The header

Here you can see the basic information on the streamer’s account:

  • the streamer’s banner and avatar;
  • the name, the main spoken language, the links to the accounts on other social media;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • CCV - the average number of one-time views of streams online;
  • the average number of all views;
  • the cost of the influencer’s services as estimated by the BuzzGuru platform;
  • the average engagement rate of the streamer.

There’s also a link to Twitch (you have to simply click the Twitch button on the right) and the list of lists that feature the influencer if there are some. 

The console on the left shows the available sections. Click the one you need to get to it at once.

The Quality section

It shows the metrics that help evaluate and analyze the Twitch channel’s quality:

  • quality as estimated by BuzzGuru;
  • streams per week - shows how many streams on average the streamer releases per week;
  • average CCV - the average number of one-time views of streams online;
  • number of messages - states how many comments are posted during a stream;
  • engagement rate of the streamer.

The Analytics section

Channel analytics shows the metrics that help you evaluate the influencer. The AI has already analyzed the data for you:

  • median number of online viewers;
  • median number of views;
  • average duration of a stream;
  • the number of followers.

All these metrics can be analyzed for the chosen period of time - 14, 30, 60 days, etc.

Under this chart you can see a Show details button, where you can find statistics for every stream in detail:

  • the date of the stream;
  • the average number of online viewers;
  • the previous day value diff: increase of viewers is shown in green, decrease - in red.

Below you can find some more useful metrics specifying the following:

  • number of streams per week;
  • number of online viewers (CCV);
  • number of messages - how actively the streams are commented during broadcasts;
  • audience engagement rate.

The next diagram shows the number of average views (blue line) VS maximum views (green line) at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week. The AI analyzes this information and according to the results recommends the best day and time for posting. All these metrics can also be analyzed for the chosen period of time - 14, 30, 60 days, etc.

Moving further, you see the stream release schedule by days of the week for the last 2 months. On the right, BuzzGuru shows the streams' releases statistics by day of the week.

The Cost section

Here BuzzGuru shows the estimated price for the streamer’s services. The minimum, the maximum, the average price. Also, you can see the median number of streams per week and the average CCV over the past two months here, as well as the average CPV (Price Per View) by the influencer’s region.

The Rating section

Shows how well the streamer performs on TOP lists:

  • Subscriber Rating;
  • Subscriber Growth Rating;
  • Maximum Online Rating;
  • Ranking by average views;
  • Average Views Growth Rating.

The Streams section

Here you can find and analyze the latest and most viewed streams on the channel. BuzzGuru shows the number of views, stream length, and the maximum number of viewers that were online at the same time. All streams are also available – click the View all streams button.

The Category section

Here BuzzGuru gives you the top of the games played by the streamer, stating also the number of streams dedicated to each game and the average number of views. To unroll the list of all games played by the streamer, click the View all button on the right.

Then you can find the rating of the most watched games of the streamer. You can choose to see the data in a specific time period.

The Brands section

Here BuzzGuru shows the applications and sites that were mentioned by the influencer for advertising.


The Panels section

Last but not least - the Panels section. Here BuzzGuru shows the panels that have been pinned by the streamer during the broadcasts. The panels can be organized by recent or by the number of hours they have been pinned.