Product update 06.22. New filters by category of TikTok influencers content and ability to add new influencer on the platform

Recent updates include the ability to search TikTok influencers by category of content (40 unique categories available), add new influencers on the platform with key metrics, as well as filter Instagram influencers by age.

Besides, we’ve improved the algorithms for calculating the estimated advertising price of Instagram influencers, and more.

Let’s look at the details!

New filter - category of TikTok influencers

You can now find a perfect TikTok influencer for your advertising campaign with the help of category filter! Simply choose one or more categories (example on the picture below) and find all influencers who have ever had content with this theme.



If you want to improve your search and find influencers for whom the selected category takes a certain percentage of all content, use an additional filter. For example: I would like to find all influencers with the major content category - “NFT”. Set the category "NFT" and in the filter next to the category filter, select the percentage that the category should occupy from all of the content (screenshot below).

New functionality for adding Influencers on the platform

Struggling from not being able to find a certain influencer? It’s not a problem anymore!

For instance, when you search by a certain username, if nothing has found there is a button “Add influencer”.

After you click on the button, a new window appears where you need to provide a link to an influencer you are interested in. After a while, try to find this influencer again, and you will see the detailed analytics on them!

Improved calculating of the prices on advertising for Instagram influencers

Now the calculation of the possible price of a post or stories includes the socio-demographic factors, as well as the up-to-date CPM by country of the influencer!


Your manager contacts right inside the platform

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve platform now you can easily find your manager contacts. It is available on the Home page as well as on the settings menu!