Product update 01.23. New filter to discover YouTube videos and Instagram posts with ads | New Instagram search opportunities | Link shortener

BuzzGuru has a bunch of useful updates to make your influencer search and competitor analysis even more convenient and precise.

Now you can use new filters that help discover YouTube videos and Instagram posts that include promotion; search Instagram posts by description and hashtags; and a brand new link shortener.

The YouTube “Includes Paid promotion” filter

Here you now can check the “Includes Paid promotion” box to see only those videos that include some ads. YouTube influencers have the checkbox for themselves on the platform, and according to many countries’ rules, creators simply have to use it when promoting some product or service in their video. 

YouTube “Includes Paid promotion” filter

This helps you find 1) the influencers that are 100% involved in promotion and can be reached out about it and 2) your competitors’ ads to analyze.

Instagram posts discovery became more precise

Here you can search for Instagram posts that include specific hashtags and descriptions. 

hashtags and descriptions

This tool helps you find relevant Instagram influencers who create content on specific topics and do it faster. To make your search more accurate, use the filters:

Insta search filters

Pay special attention to the filters that help you find the posts with paid promotion! Use them to discover the posts that include specific ads of your selected brands and the influencers who are ready for collaborations with brands and have already done them.

paid promotion filter

Link shortener 

Create unique short links and monitor statistics with their help without leaving your BuzzGuru workspace! 

You can do it in the Links section:

link shortener

Or create a link without even leaving your campaign folder:

create a short link

And you can even create a link connected to specific content on your influencer marketing campaign:

connected short links

Awesome stats and analytics you get for each of the links created via BuzzGuru:

  • the overall number of all clicks on the link;
  • the number of unique clicks on the link;
  • CPC Total;
  • CPC Unique;
  • top 5 marketing channels;
  • top 4 browsers used to click the link;
  • top 4 countries in which those who followed the link are located;
  • top 5 click-generating platforms.