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Manage user roles and data access

Empower your team to collaborate on or keep track of your advertising campaign. Manage the roles and give your teammates, clients, and guests the access to the necessary data only.

Provide different users with separate roles to keep sensitive data safe

To manage user roles in a particular campaign, go to this campaign’s settings.

Choose the “Team” tab.

Here you can see all the users who have access to the campaign and their roles. Also, this is a place where you can invite new users to join.

Assign different managers for a particular work or platform’s functionality

There are 4 possible user roles.

  • Owner is the only one here. This is your company’s owner. 
  • Admin is the one who administers the campaign. There can be a few Admins. Admins are the company's users on the BuzzGuru platform.
  • Manager is the one who manages some aspects of the campaigns. There can be a few Managers. Managers are the company's users on the BuzzGuru platform.
  • Client is a guest who can be invited via email but can’t be the company's users on the BuzzGuru platform. There can be a few clients, they have access only to the campaigns you invite them to look at.

These roles can be assigned to users on the folder level, too.

Go to the folder settings and choose the “Team” tab. It looks just the same.