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Manage influencer marketing campaigns in one place

Plan, manage, and execute all your influencer marketing campaigns in one place using the one full-stack tool created by BuzzGuru.

Using the campaign management tool, you can run your campaigns from the preparation stage to the very end and evaluate the results. Arrange everything in one place and share the information with your colleagues or clients.

BuzzGuru allows you to run your advertising campaigns with content creators from start to finish, evaluate the result and track the performance in real time.

Start a new campaign by clicking the “Create campaign” button.

Create campaign

1. You can start planning a campaign at once. Upload an image to make it easier to distinguish the campaign in the future, choose a name for your campaign and set the dates for it.

New campaign

Scroll and set your campaign's budget, the expected number of views, CPM, and CPA. The CPM and CPA are optional. The more expectations you set here, the more detailed report you will get in the end: these metrics will be highlighted in the analytics.

Also, here you can add a short description of the campaign.

Campaign description

2. Next, set the requirements for your upcoming campaign.

Campaign requirements

Choose the regions where you want to launch your campaign.

Campaign regions


GEO countries

Select the gender of your target audience.


Set the age range of your target audience.


Select the social media platform on which you are going to launch your campaign.

Social media platform

And finally choose the category of the content the influencers you are going to attract to the campaign make.

Content category

3. See the “Status” tab. Here, you can choose or create custom statuses for the influencers engaged in the campaign and their creative ads.


4. The next step is to set the options for a client's decisions.

Client's decisions

5. Next. use the "Format" tab to select the ad formats that are or should be used in the campaign.

Ad format

6. The last tab here is "Team". Use it to invite collaborators to manage the campaign, clients or superiors to monitor and supervise it.


That’s it, that’s a good start!

This is how your campaign will look on this stage:

Ongoing campaign

To go to the campaign settings, click the three dots button on the right.

Campaign settings

You can also archive the campaign here.

7. To track all the content the influencers make for your campaign, use these tabs. You can separately analyze the influencers, their drafts, their approved and uploaded content, and also get a full report.

influencers, drafts, content, full report

To add influencers, drafts, or content, use the button on the right.

Add influencers, drafts, content