Instagram influencer profile and analytics

What’s on the Instagram influencer’s page? See what data and types of information BuzzGuru gives you.

The header

Here you can see the basic information on the Insta-creator’s account:

  • the creator’s avatar;
  • the name, the main spoken language, the category, the connected accounts;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • the average number of likes;
  • the average number of comments;
  • opportunity-to-see – the possible coverage as estimated by the BuzzGuru AI;
  • the average engagement rate of the influencer;
  • the information that the creator stated in their bio (account description).

There’s also a link to Instagram (you have to simply click the Instagram button on the right) and the list of lists that feature the influencer if there are some. 

The console on the left shows the available sections. Click the one you need to get to it at once.

The Quality section

It shows the quality of the account and the details. ER, the numbers of likes and comments are calculated based on the latest 10 posts’ performance and are compared to those of the accounts from the same league. Also, BuzzGuru checks whether the likes were purchased by the influencer: if the distribution of likes score is too low, you probably shouldn’t trust the creator.



The Activity section

Next, you can see the account activity dynamics. It shows whether the account is growing and if yes, then how fast. Learn the activity dynamics for the last 7 months in terms of subscribers and likes, see the average number of subscriptions per month, and learn about the account’s growth in relation to the previous month.



The next graph helps you evaluate the activity for the last 10 posts of the Instagram influencer, see how many likes and comments they got. This helps predict how the influencer’s ad post for your campaign may perform.



The Cost section

Here BuzzGuru shows the estimated price for the influencer’s services. The minimum, the maximum, the average price. Also, you can see the possible number of interactions calculated by the BuzzGuru AI as well as the average CPM by the influencer’s region.


The Audience statistics section

The BuzzGuru AI evaluates the audience and likes credibility for you as some influencers may buy subscribers and likes to make their accounts seem more attractive. BuzzGuru helps unleash the fraud. Also, this table contains the information about the likes left by non-followers of the influencer.


Next, you can see where the influencer’s subscribers live and what languages they speak.

You can also learn this data of those who have liked the influencer’s posts – click Likes statistics to do so.


The next graphs show the Instagram influencer’s audience’s genders and ages. Here you can also choose to sort by subscribers or likes.



BuzzGuru gives you a deeper insight into the audience’s preferences. The marketing platform shows which brands the audience interacts with the most on Instagram and which categories it is interested in. Same here for your choice to see the subscribers or those who liked the posts.


To view more categories, click the View all categories button.

The Analytics section

See the content analytics to gain more data on how the audience reacts to the Instagram creator’s posts. Here are the likes and comments counts, the rate of distribution of likes, and ER.


The Rating section

This section shows the places of the chosen Instagram account on different lists of TOP influencers: in the whole world, by country, by language.


The Hashtags section

Here is the list of the hashtags that the influencer uses the most. It helps you learn more about their personality, see what topics they are most interested in, and what brands they are loyal to.



To see more hashtags that the influencer frequently adds to their posts, click the See all categories button.


The Mentions section

This section shows what Instagram accounts are most frequently mentioned by the influencer. It also helps you learn more about the person and see what accounts are connected to theirs – maybe they will be of use to your advertising campaign too.



Click the See all references button to see more mentioned accounts and their data.

The Posts section

BuzzGuru shows the most popular of the influencer’s Insta-posts and those that are also sponsored ones – all of them are gathered in one place for you to check.

The Channels section

The BuzzGuru AI selects the Instagram accounts that look similar to the one you’ve chosen. They can become your ad channels as well as the one you’re looking at.