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How to find the right influencers through Search by keywords functionality

Situation: I have to find influencer for a narrow query. For example: influencers, who has mentioned a particular video game on their videos.

Searching through general categories like gaming, entertainment will not be the most effective way because the selection will include non-target channels. In this case, the Search by keywords tool comes to the rescue.

Here's how to use this feature properly in a step-by-step example⬇️

Given conditions:

Social media platform - TikTok.

Content - shooters, survival, board games, reviews.

Geo - USA.

Language - English.

Views number - from 50 000.

  1. Go to Search by keywords page. You'll be directed to the "Posts" tab


2. Then type the keywords. You can use up to 100 keywords at once.


💡 You can change the search rule easily. If you want to find only posts which included all typed keywords, remain default rule “And”. However, if you want to search without necessarily mentioning all of these keywords, then set a rule to “Or”.

3. Apply filters that match the original request. Example below.


4. Switch to the Influencers tab. Now you can add even more filters (the ones you applied earlier will be saved as well).


Done! You can now see a list of influencers who meet the original criteria.

You can easily export search results by clicking on the “Download” button (marked in the screenshot above) or simply save it in the list.