Find YouTube influencers using filters or by name

BuzzGuru helps find a certain influencer by name or search for relevant influencers using filters.

Find your YouTube influencer by name

You have to simply type the name in the search bar. 

Don’t remember the full and correct name? Don’t worry, write what you know, BuzzGuru will show you channels that have the closest names.

To start a new search, choose “Clear filters” under the search bar or start typing new words.

How to use filters

To unroll all the filters, click the “Filters” button on the right of the search bar.

Available filters:

  • Channel topic. Allows to choose the main genre of influencers’ videos.
  • Find if selected channel topic. If you have chosen some topics from the previous filter, you can use this one. BuzzGuru analyzes an influencer’s content and shows the percentage of videos relevant to the chosen topic on their channel.

  • Views. Choose if you want to find influencers with a certain view number or set a gap.

  • Subscribers. Choose a certain number or set a gap to find influencers with a certain number of subscribers.

  • Publication date. This filter allows to find influencers who posted the last video on a certain date. You can also choose time gaps like week, month, etc.

  • Price $. All the prices on the BuzzGuru platform are presented in US dollars. Choose the filter to search for influencers with certain estimated prices.

  • Influencer’s country. If you need to find an influencer from a particular country, choose it via this filter. You can choose the name of the country by yourself or search for it through the regions.

  • Broadcast language. Choose the main spoken language of your influencer.

  • Game genres. When searching for gamers who prefer specific game genres, choose options via this filter.

  • Games. When searching for gamers who prefer specific games, choose options via this filter.

  • Games for the period. When using the Game filter, you can also use the Games for the period one. Choose the time gap when an influencer should have posted a video dedicated to the chosen game or games.

The more filters you use, the more specific your search becomes and the more relevant YouTube influencers you see. All the filters are optional, you can use any or none of them.