Find streamers by keywords

You need to find relevant streamers for your ad campaign but don’t know what kind of streams you want to see? Or do you simply need to find specific streams and influencers knowing only some keywords and learn their data?

 BuzzGuru does the search for you.

To find streams by keywords, go to the Streams tab.

There is a search bar for you to use. Type anything there, for example, “Brawl stars”.

BuzzGuru then shows relevant streams. Choose the one to your liking. See the data on the stream and who the streamer is. 

More specific information about the stream can be found below.

Then click on the streamer to go to their profile page.

Or you can check the list of streamers who mentioned the keywords by pressing the Streamers button.

You can use the filters and range the streamers as you wish - by the number of views, average online views, the date of publication, or the streamer’s language.