Find Instagram influencers using filters or by name

The Instagram influencers tab is on the left, it goes right after the YouTube tab. If nothing is specified, you see the page with the most popular Instagram accounts that have the largest numbers of followers.


Find your Instagram influencer by name

You can search for particular influencers using words that can possibly be in their accounts’ names by typing in the search bar.

Don’t remember the full and correct name? Don’t worry, write what you know, BuzzGuru will show you channels that have the closest names.

To start a new search, choose Clear filters under the search bar or start typing new words.

How to use filters

To unroll all the filters, click the Filters button on the right of the search bar.

The influencer filters available:

  • Subscribers. Choose a certain number or set a gap to find Instagram influencers with a certain number of subscribers.

  • Likes. Choose a certain number or set a gap to find Insta-influencers with a certain number of likes.

  • Engagement rate. The higher it is, the more popular the influencer is. Choose the ER metric counted in %.

  • Category. Choose the categories that are relevant to you.

  • Country. If you need to find an influencer from a particular country, choose it via this filter. You can choose the name of the country by yourself or search for it through the regions.

  • Language. Choose the main spoken language of your Instagram creator.

  • Influencer’s gender. If you need to find a creator who specified their gender, use this filter.

  • Verified (or not) acсounts. When searching for influencers with verified or not verified accounts only, use this filter.


The accounts filters available:

  • Account type. Choose when you need to find specifically Business, Creator, or Personal accounts.

  • Account privacy. Search for Instagram accounts considering whether they are private or public.

  • Contacts. BuzzGuru also provides influencer’s contacts if it’s possible, so you can choose the types of contacts.

  • Account quality. Find Instagram creators by their account quality as estimated by the BuzzGuru AI.

The more filters you use, the more specific your search becomes and the more relevant Instagram influencers you see. All the filters are optional, you can use any or none of them.