Export YouTube influencer statistics

When you’ve found some YouTube influencers that may fit your requirements, you can save their data to get access to it anytime or share it with your colleagues. To do so, you need to export all the needed information. BuzzGuru allows to do it.

Exporting YouTuber’s data via their profile

Go to the chosen influencer’s profile. The header includes the Export button – it’s on the right, just near the Add to lists button.

Then choose Print or Save as PDF in the new window that opens when you click Export. You can also choose the number of pages to print or save there.

Exporting YouTuber’s data via Lists

You have already added some influencers to at least one list. Or your colleagues have done that, and you share a corporate account. If that’s correct, go to the Lists tab.

Choose the list you want to use. 

There is a Download button on the right. Click it and choose what data you want to export.