Discover analytics on a particular YouTube video

If you need to find out the analytics on a particular YouTube video, first go to the Videos tab.

Then enter the video name or the part of it into the search bar.

You can range the videos by date, views, likes, ER, and language by clicking. This would be helpful if you need to find a particular video with a name that may be alike to some others, as you can see for Badcomedian’s video on the screenshot. Ranging the videos by views helps to find the proper one.

Then click on the video to see the analytics. On the right, you see the sites’ mentions, products mentions, or game references if any.

Below is shown detailed analytics on the video: number of views, publication date, engagement rate, number of likes and comments, category of video, and broadcast language. The number of dislikes shown is counted up to November 2021, when YouTube hid this feature. 

Using the Add to lists button lets you immediately add the video or the influencer to your lists for the campaign. On the right, you can see an estimated price for integration and YouTube tags. The chart below shows the recent growth of Video popularity.