Discover analytics on a particular TikTok post

If you need to find out the analytics on a particular TikTok post, go to the Posts tab.

Then enter the hashtag or the part of it into the search bar.

You can range the posts by date, views, likes, comments, shares, duration, and ER by clicking. Ranging the posts helps find the proper one.

Then click on the post to go to the Influencer’s profile page. There you will be able to see not only information about the creator but also something useful about the posts.

Moving down you can see the posts on TikTok. You can check the list of the last videos, most viewed, most liked, most commented, and most shared posts. Using the Add to lists button lets you immediately add the TikTok Influencer to your lists for the campaign. Under every video, you can check the detailed statistics on it - the number of views, likes, comments, and shares.