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Create media plan for your campaign

Create influencer list with BuzzGuru smart search or add existing partners to the platform.

To make your influencer marketing campaign organized more accurately, create a media plan for it with the help of the BuzzGuru tool. It allows you to add any influencers you want to work with to your campaign’s page on the platform and manage your engaged influencers lists. The data of the added influencers will be taken into account when the AI will analyze your campaign’s results. 

Find influencers via BuzzGuru's smart filters to add them for your next campaign

First, you have to search for influencers who fit your requirements. BuzzGuru’s filters can help you a lot. Learn the different ways to discover relevant influencers here (https://help.buzzguru.com/influencers). 

Choose an influencer to your liking. See if they are on any list. Add them to the list created for your campaign if they are not on it.

If there are no lists for the campaign, create a new list and then add the influencer there.

Go to your campaign’s page and add the influencers or the entire lists you need.

Now you can manage your work and communications with the influencers in one place, directly from the campaign’s page.

Import existing partners right to the platform

If you can’t find a particular influencer you’re already working with or are planning to do so on the platform, you can add them yourself. Click the “Add influencer” button.

Then enter a link leading to a YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok account. The BuzzGuru AI will process the information on the account and add it to the platform and your campaign page.