Create a list of influencers for campaign

So, you are planning to start a promotion with the help of the BuzzGuru platform. The first thing to do is to create a list of influencers for your upcoming campaign. Click the Lists button to check how it works.

To create a new list press the plus button.

You see a window that lets you create a new list of influencers. For your convenience you can:

  • Choose a Section - Twitch influencers, YouTube influencers, TikTok influencers, Streams, Videos, and Tiktok posts;

  • Enter the List name;

  • Enter the List description (optional);

  • Choose a List color (optional);

As you create the list it appears on the Lists tab. As an example, we created a new list of streams.

Now it is high time to go and fill it with the necessary streams! You should go to the Streams tab and start the search.

Let us imagine you are interested in streams in English about “Call of Duty” with no less than 1000 online viewers (on average, of course). There we go!

Range the streams according to the number of views and check streams according to your liking. 

Click on the stream to check the statistics in detail.

If it suits the plan, add the stream to the list that we’ve just created with the help of Add to lists button.

Please note that the list we’ve created is for streams only.

It is not obligatory to create a list in advance. You can just surf the platform and when you find someone suitable for your ad campaign, just create a list at once with the help of the Add to lists button.

Then choose to Create new list.

And get to the same window as we had at the beginning. Fill in all the information (note - description and list color are optional). 

And continue the search of the influencers, as now you have a new list of Twitch streamers.

It is possible to add an influencer not only to one list but to several lists of influencers at once, just tick all of them: