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Campaign management: section overview

Prepare, plan, manage, and analyze your influencer marketing campaigns with the help of an online full-stack assistant.

Campaign management overview

The BuzzGuru campaign management tool helps you run your influencer marketing campaigns. It’s an online assistant for brands and marketers that makes campaign management easier and more convenient.

We made the tool to help you automate your marketing work. Search for influencers, add them to lists, see all the relevant data, optimize your campaigns, track campaign results, and share the information with your teammates or clients. 

Section overview

Go to the “Campaign Management” tab – it’s on the right, next to other tabs on the menu.

Here you see the campaigns you already have (if any) and the folders that help organize them. If you have none of that, start a new campaign by simply clicking the “Create campaign” button.

To learn more about how to use the tool and run an influencer marketing campaign in one place, see the “Manage influencer marketing campaigns in one place" article.