Product update 03.22. New metrics to evaluate YouTuber’s performance | Fast onboarding & new knowledge base

BuzzGuru presents you with 2 new metrics that help evaluate your chosen YouTube influencer and analyze their channel performance. Also, now you have an online helper that makes your onboarding on the platform and using it easier – our knowledge base.

What’s new?

The first new metric shows the median likes to 1000 views ratio considering the videos launched in the last 3 months. You can find this metric in the Channel quality section on the YouTuber’s profile page.

The second metric is in the Content analytics section on the YouTuber’s profile page. It shows the distribution of likes – the difference between the number of likes on the influencer’s videos (considering the videos posted during the last 3 months). If the score is too low, it may be a sign of fraud: sometimes influencers with such scores pay for likes.

Fast onboarding & new knowledge base

Here is the new homepage. It makes onboarding for new users more comfortable and helps you learn or remember what opportunities BuzzGuru gives you.

Now you can also go to our knowledge base to find any information on how to use different BuzzGuru features to get the most profit.