Product update 01.22. Instagram analytics are now available on the BuzzGuru platform

The BuzzGuru team presents you a new Instagram analytics tool. Our platform now has Instagram influencers’ profile pages with accurate analytics and data and advanced search tool that helps discover relevant influencers.

First, take a look at the search filters.

Learn more about their usage here or try them yourself.

Explore an influencer profile page to see the data BuzzGuru collects, analyses, and organizes for you. 

What’s in there?

  • Basic info on the chosen TikTok creator.
  • Instagram account quality metrics.
  • Audience analytics.
  • The Insta-influencer’s posts and schedule analytics.
  • Account activity and growth charts.
  • And more!

Learn more here or see it all by yourself.

Boost your business with BuzzGuru now, gain more profit!